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Where is the Issue?

Many of us have ways to deal with stress; we go out for a run or we watch a movie or we snack or we do some online shopping or we might even call a friend. There are many ways — both positive and negative — to deal with stress, but have you ever wondered what the real causes of your stress are? What is the underlying issue? Are you being taken for granted by someone you love? Do you feel unappreciated at work? Do you take on much more than you can and want to handle? Is your living space more than you can manage? Has clutter taken over your life? 

I’ve heard from many clients that when they think about cleaning out their closet, basement, attic, or storage unit, they freeze up because the job seems overwhelming. Instead of tackling the space, they go out or watch a movie or do something else altogether. They avoid the task, and then things get worse. I’m here to say: there’s help out there!

Professional organizers (like me!) are here to help you tackle these cluttered spaces. We work with clients to bring peace and calm to a space. We will work with you to tackle your clutter; like a personal trainer at the gym, professional organizers work with you at your pace slightly nudging you to tackle your clutter while offering valuable tips and advice for putting systems in place that will keep clutter from coming back. When I help clients, I try to get them to part with stuff that they no longer use. Usually by the time a client calls me, he/she is ready to purge! The client wants to clean out, donate old clothes, and organize their home or office. I can usually feel their energy, and this is great! For some clients, they don’t need to purge at all; they just need a better system for organizing their stuff.

The next time you feel stressed and think about doing online shopping or want to go out for a run or eat some ice cream in response to the stress, think about what is causing the stress. Look around you. Is your space causing you stress? Contact a professional organizer to help you. We love our work! We’re good at it, and we want to help! Do it now before spring! You’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your back!

Cheryl Russo

January 2018

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