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Sifting Through Decluttering Advice

We’ve all probably seen and heard lots of advice about decluttering, organizing, recycling, and more. There’s a lot of it out there! But how do you recognize the good advice and avoid the bad advice? Well… it all depends on what you want for YOU! And how do you find balance in your life so […]

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Holding On

This combined May/June blog post was going to be about spring cleaning, but I recently heard a podcast on NPR’s Hidden Brain about why we hold on to things, and it was fascinating so I decided to write a little about that and include the link so that you could enjoy it too. If you […]

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Are You Living or Planning to Live?

This might sound like a strange question, but it’s one that I think about a lot. I meet so many people who say that they need my help, and many people hire me and accept the help, and they are usually anxious to get started. They work with me to purge the items in their […]

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Are we becoming too distracted? Have you felt this more lately? I’ve heard from so many clients and friends that they have felt more distracted than ever lately. I think that the pandemic has definitely contributed to this feeling. All it takes is one search on the Internet to see that millions of people have […]

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My Favorite Things Part 2

Last September I created a blog post filled with my favorite things. It was a sort of random, meandering list of things I love. I wanted to write a blog post that was a bit of an escape from reality for a moment since we were deep within the pandemic. We are still in that […]

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A New Year

Finally we are finished with 2020! I know that I’m not the only person who feels a sense of relief that that miserable year is now over. However, we are still sadly in the midst of a deadly, global pandemic, and the numbers of cases and deaths are on the rise. We must continue to […]

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Goodbye 2020!

If you’re like me, then you are ready to say goodbye to 2020! I cannot wait until 2021; however, I don’t want to leave 2020 until I reflect on what it has taught me. This past year has been extremely difficult for many of us. I feel that I survived it as best as possible. […]

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Another Check In

Here we are…still deep into a global pandemic with really no end in sight. Yes, I thought I’d start this blog off on a positive note! If you’re feeling my sarcasm, then it worked! If you’re like me, you wake up every morning after a less-than-restful night’s sleep feeling tired and frustrated with life. But […]

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My Favorite Things

As a bit of a break from writing about organizing or the pandemic, I thought that this month I’d tell you some of my favorite things. Though we cannot and should not forget what is happening in our world right now, this post might feel a little refreshing. Sometimes clients ask me about my life, […]

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We’re Still in This

How are you doing? Are you still staying in as much as possible? Keeping a six-foot distance from people? Using hand sanitizer? Washing your hands regularly? It seems like years since this pandemic started, and yet it has not even been six full months yet. Well, it has been fewer than six months since many […]

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