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As the year draws to a close, I’d like to express my gratitude for all that’s happened this year. I’ve had a great year! I’ve had wonderful clients, lots of support from friends and family, and fabulous opportunities. Thank you to all of you out there who have supported me, encouraged me, and provided me […]

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Getting Ready for Winter

It’s that time of year: almost winter. Here in New England right now, it feels like winter. It’s technically fall, but the weather has been below normal so it feels like winter. This feeling gets me in the mood to pull out those winter coats, boots, and heavy sweaters. How about you? Do you live […]

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We’ve probably all collected something at one point in our lives: dolls, cars, baseball cards, Hummel figurines, Beanie Babies, shoes, handbags, tools, and more. In my work as a professional organizer, I’ve seen huge collections of things. Some of my clients have their collections displayed in their homes while others have them boxed away safely. […]

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Back to School and Back to a Bit of Structure for all of Us

Around the country, it’s back to school time, but for many of us without kids in school, it’s still a time of year that gets us more structured. Maybe we get back to a gym routine or maybe we take a course at a local college. Whatever it is that we do, September is usually […]

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Activities over Things

It’s summer, and it’s definitely a time of year, especially here in New England, when folks like to get outside and do things. Summer is brief, or at least it always seems that way, and therefore, people who live here like to take advantage of it while they can. This, coupled with the work that […]

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Enjoying Your Home in the Summertime

Summer is almost here, and New Englanders love to get out when it’s warm since winters are so long here. But is your home ready for the summer weather? Are you ready to sit on your porch or deck? Do you have the summer stuff (e.g., lawn chairs, deck chairs, tables, grill tools, bikes, screens) […]

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More about this organizer…

This month, I’d like to use this blog post to tell you a bit more about me. So if you’re interested, read on! I have owned my organizing business for two years as of this month, but if you were to ask any of my friends or family members, they’d tell you that I’ve been […]

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But I can do it myself…why do I need a professional organizer?

I was once asked why a professional organizer is needed when “we can all declutter.” This month’s blog post will outline two major benefits of hiring a professional organizer. Support Professional organizers provide a lot of support, both physical and emotional. We literally do the moving and lifting of things in a client’s home or […]

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The True Cost of Saving Things

We’ve all done it: saved those smaller-sized jeans so that someday we’ll wear them again. We’ve moved them from apartment to apartment, bought extra hangers for them, tried to make space in our closets for them, and felt bad each time we looked at them because yet another year has gone by, and we still […]

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Don’t Make a To-Do List!

Yes, you read that right: don’t make a to-do list. Here’s why…we all make to-do lists, and they end up just sitting there day after day, week after week, month after month. Here’s what works better: put your to-do items into your calendar. That’s right! Figure out what you have to do and then schedule […]

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