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Why hire a professional organizer?

  • To learn strategies for keeping spaces clutter-free and organized
  • To save you time and money in the long run
  • To work with someone who has experience in using space effectively

What does a visit cost?

  • It depends on the size of the project
  • Call Cheryl for details
  • Prices vary for smaller jobs (e.g., closets, small home offices, small bedrooms, kitchen cabinets) to larger jobs (e.g., a whole house/condo/apartment, an office, a garage, an attic, a storage unit)

Do I need a Professional Organizer?

  • A professional organizer has systems and strategies to tackle organizing projects that will save you time
  • Cheryl will offer strategies for keeping your space clutter-free and organized

Who should be at the visit with the professional organizer?

  • Contact Cheryl with questions about who should be at home during the visit
  • To use the time most efficiently, the space should be free from any distractions (e.g., pets, kids, TV, etc.)

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