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Bucket Lists

I think most of us have at one time or another sat at a table with a notebook or a pad of paper and brainstormed a bucket list. A bucket list is typically a list of everything one wants to do either before a milestone birthday or before one dies. I have a love/hate relationship […]

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Moving to a New State: My How-to Guide

Organizing by Cheryl and its owner — that’s me! — recently moved from Massachusetts to Georgia. From MA to GA! Savannah to be exact! It’s a gorgeous city, and by the number of transplants here from northern states, my big idea to move here to escape the cold New England winters is not so original. […]

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The Good Scissors

Growing up, my family had “the good scissors” and another pair of scissors that were highly ineffective; the latter taught me the meaning of frustration. Even as a child, I wondered why we kept this “backup” pair. They were pretty much useless. Why hang on to them? Now, as an adult and a professional organizer, […]

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Stuff. It’s everywhere: in our homes, our cars, our garages, our basements, our offices, our purses, our backpacks, and everywhere in between! It’s very easy to accumulate more. We get free stuff at fairs, stores, races, events, and more. I often say that “free” is the other four-letter “f” word! But it’s also so easy […]

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Trust the Process

As an organizer, I say this phrase a lot, “trust the process.” I am referring to the process of working with a professional organizer. Many potential clients are nervous about working with someone who actually enjoys decluttering and organizing. Just the very nature of what organizers do is scary and intimidating to some people. I […]

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How to Get Organized and Stay Organized in Six Steps

I know what you’re thinking: six steps? Really? Just six? Well…I didn’t say that they were six easy steps, but don’t stop reading just yet! Stay with me! From my own experience and from my years of helping friends, family members, and clients declutter and organize, this is what I’ve learned: there are six steps […]

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Organizing Workshop

This month I’d like to share some exciting news! I’m leading a two-part workshop on living with less, decluttering, and organizing! The workshop will be on August 5 and 19, 2019 from 7:00-8:30 PM in downtown Lynn, Massachusetts. It’s a workshop on simplifying life, taking a hard look at our shopping habits, and creating beautiful […]

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I’m a minimalist. Many of you by now probably know what this means, but there might still be a few of you out there wondering just what that word is all about. In this blog post, I’m going to give a few descriptions of minimalism. When I say this word, I’m talking about a lifestyle, […]

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Top Three Takeaways from My Clients

My clients have given me great feedback over the years, and this month’s blog post captures the top three takeaways from them. The first takeaway is: don’t wait until you’re ready to sell your house to declutter! This is great advice! Many clients are stressed when they call me because they have a very long […]

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Society and the Ease of Buying More and Often

Over the past month, I had been thinking a lot about this month’s blog post, tossing around ideas for what I’d write. At first, I thought that I’d do a sort of recap of work that I had done over the past few months with before and after pictures and some data about how much […]

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