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Are we becoming too distracted? Have you felt this more lately? I’ve heard from so many clients and friends that they have felt more distracted than ever lately. I think that the pandemic has definitely contributed to this feeling. All it takes is one search on the Internet to see that millions of people have felt more distracted since the pandemic began. And if you do decide to search this topic on the Internet, stay focused!

I should add here — full disclosure — that I just answered my phone while typing this blog post… about being distracted… yeah, the irony is not lost on me.

One way to stay focused is by using the Pomodoro Technique. I regularly share this method of staying focused with my clients and friends. And yes, clearly I should be using it right now as I type this blog post! You can read about it in great detail online, but for now, I’ll summarize… The word “pomodoro” is the Italian word for “tomato.” The name of this technique comes from the old tomato timers that our families had years ago that were in the shape of a tomato.

To try out this technique, first turn off all distractions (e.g., TV, open windows on your computer, radio, kids, pets — good luck with these last two!), and then second, set a timer for 25 minutes. Work on whatever task is in front of you (e.g., a blog post, a work document, a kitchen drawer that needs cleaning out, a letter to your landlord about issues), and then when the timer goes off, take a full 5-minute break. And take a real break: go outside, grab a snack, get some water, etc.

After your refreshing break, set the timer again for 25 minutes, work on your task again, and then take another 5-minute break. Then repeat this one more time. At this point, once you’ve done three sessions of 25 minutes (i.e., three “Pomodoros”), take a 20-minute break. This is how it’s done.

If you try this out, please reach out to me either through my website or on one of my social media pages, and let me know how it worked for you! And of course, let my readers know if you figure out how to turn off your kids and pets!

We’ll always have times in our lives when we get more distracted than normal, but if we can try out new ways to stay focused, we might just find a way that works! I know that meditation works for me. I highly recommend it! Getting enough sleep, exercising, eating well, drinking enough water, and avoiding — when possible — stressful situations also help.

One of Eckhart Tolle’s consistent messages is: “be present and live in the moment!” He’s right! If we can focus on paying full attention to whatever we’re doing when we are doing it, then we’ll be happier and also safer! Have you ever tried to read a sign when out in public, and then noticed something else only to trip or drop something? Staying focused is important on so many levels! It might also help you to actually FINISH a cup of coffee…

Cheryl Russo

March 2021

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