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My Move

Living Minimally and Preparing for a Move I’m about to move into a new apartment. For many people, the idea of a move is stressful and difficult. You would think that for an organizer, and a minimalist as well, moving would be easy, well… It’s not that it has been difficult; in fact, I am […]

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Being Mindful

We’ve heard a lot lately about being mindful. But what does that mean, and how can it help in terms of organizing? Being mindful is being fully present in every moment. It sounds easy, but it is actually a little difficult for some of us and very difficult for others. Have you ever driven to […]

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Time is Money

Time is money; it really is! We’ve all heard that phrase, but it’s true. You probably just thought, “do I have time to read this blog post?” If a friend asked you on a Saturday if you could spare four hours to help him/her move, you’d probably think about it for at least a few […]

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Organizing by Cheryl’s Top 10 Decluttering and Organizing Tips

Organizing by Cheryl’s Top 10 decluttering and organizing tips (5 of each!) Decluttering If the following statements are true, then donate or ditch it: Something doesn’t fit (e.g., jeans that you had hoped to fit into, but it’s been 15 years now) You own two of the same thing (e.g., two blenders) It’s tattered or […]

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Get to Know This Organizer

I’ve been reading a lot lately about small business marketing, and one theme that keeps coming up centers around letting potential clients “get to know you.” So the point of today’s blog post is my way of telling you something about myself. Of course anytime anyone has ever said to me, “tell me about yourself,” […]

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Why I Organize

Sometimes I’m asked why I like to organize homes, well here’s why… When I see space that is filled with stuff, I feel stressed, but not for me but rather for the person whose home I’m in. I want to immediately start to declutter and organize. I love to help people use space effectively. I […]

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Excuses we Make and Resources to Minimize Them

We all do it.  We make up excuses for not doing what we need to do or should do or would like to do maybe if we had more energy.  Right?  You tell yourself that you cannot donate that old, purple sweater that was a gift from your great aunt because you “might need it […]

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