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Back to School and Back to a Bit of Structure for all of Us

Around the country, it’s back to school time, but for many of us without kids in school, it’s still a time of year that gets us more structured. Maybe we get back to a gym routine or maybe we take a course at a local college. Whatever it is that we do, September is usually a time of year that grounds us again. Summer is a bit more relaxed, and now we have to hunker down and get busy. But are we ready to get work done? Is our home, home office, or business office ready for us? Is our work space clean and efficient for getting work done?

Here are some tips that I like to share for having an efficient work space:

  1. Clean surfaces are key! Keep as much stuff off of your desk or work space as possible. I like to keep my laptop, a notepad and pen, my cell phone, and some business cards on my desk. For me, nothing else is necessary. The clear work space helps me to free my mind from clutter.
  2. Limit distractions by single-tasking. Turn off notifications on your phone, and close computer tabs and windows that could distract you. Social media can interrupt our thought processes in an instant, and it takes a while to get back to that flow that we built up, so limit all unnecessary distractions when possible.
  3. Light is important! Do you have enough light where you work? Are you near a window? I think that natural light and task lighting is important when working. If the room where you work is dark, that can be limiting and detrimental to your health and work. I like to have bright, natural light in my work space whenever possible. And when it’s nice outside, I often open a window to get some fresh air into my work space! That helps too!
  4. Don’t sit too long at your work space. Whatever work you do, get up and walk around every so often! Circulation is key to good health and brain function, so don’t sit for hours at a time. Make sure your work space allows for movement. Some experts recommend getting up every 20 minutes to walk around for a minute or two. If this isn’t possible for you, then just get up and move as often as you can. Stretch a bit. Even change your location if possible once in a while if your job allows. A change of scenery is also good for the mind and for creativity!

Lastly, if you do have kids in school, these tips are great for them when doing homework or projects. Kids need good work spaces too! Designate a spot in your home (away from the TV of course!) for your kids to focus and get their homework done. Some families have told me that they designate quiet time from 7:00-9:00 PM (or any hour or two after dinner) for everyone in the family to read, do homework, do work, etc. And that way, everyone is focused for an hour or two without distractions.


Cheryl Russo

August 2018

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