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Enjoying Your Home in the Summertime

Summer is almost here, and New Englanders love to get out when it’s warm since winters are so long here. But is your home ready for the summer weather? Are you ready to sit on your porch or deck? Do you have the summer stuff (e.g., lawn chairs, deck chairs, tables, grill tools, bikes, screens) out from storage? Is everything clean? Is it in good condition? Is everything ready for use?

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to dust off those deck chairs and bikes so that they are ready for the warm weather! It’s also a good time to wipe down window sills and make sure that all of your screens are looking good. Check your pantry for any old food. Make sure that your medicine isn’t expired. Late spring is a good time to summerize your home! Do you have a mudroom? Have you put the winter coats, scarves, hats, and boots away in storage? Do you have the flip flops out? The linen pants and shorts? The bathing suits and sun hats? Do you have your beach towels ready to go?

Once all of the cleaning out is done, then you can enjoy your home and do all of the things that we all love to do when the weather is warm! Right now there are just over 100 days until October 1, and that’s when the weather starts to get cool around here, so take advantage of the 15 weekends between now and then, and get outside! Sit on that deck! Take a stroll after dinner! See an outdoor concert! Take a long bike ride! Enjoy the pool or the beach! Dine al fresco! Now is the time! Summers are short here!

Wishing you a fabulous summer!

Thank you!

Cheryl Russo

June 2018

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