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Activities over Things

It’s summer, and it’s definitely a time of year, especially here in New England, when folks like to get outside and do things. Summer is brief, or at least it always seems that way, and therefore, people who live here like to take advantage of it while they can. This, coupled with the work that I do as a professional organizer, reminds me of the importance of choosing experiences over things. We all say that we want this, but on a day-to-day basis, how many of us really choose to spend our time and money on making memories rather than buying ourselves more stuff for our homes? I can think of a handful of my friends who do this, and I admire that about them. They choose to take a trip somewhere rather than buy a second TV. Here’s an article about how Millennials are choosing experiences over things, but I don’t think it’s just this generation. I’m seeing more and more people ditching their stuff in search of more meaningful life experiences.

There has been a lot written about this idea of experiences over things and especially in regard to what makes us happy. Here’s another article that sheds light on this. And this article too echoes a similar sentiment. What do you think? Think about a recent purchase you made. Then compare that with an experience that you had. Which made you happier? Was the purchase necessary? Do you wish you could relive the experience? How much did the experience cost you? Was it worth it? Tell me your thoughts on this. Do you agree that most of the time an experience brings you more happiness than buying something for your home? What’s your take on this?


Cheryl Russo

July 2018

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