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Getting Ready for Winter

It’s that time of year: almost winter. Here in New England right now, it feels like winter. It’s technically fall, but the weather has been below normal so it feels like winter. This feeling gets me in the mood to pull out those winter coats, boots, and heavy sweaters. How about you? Do you live in an area where it’s feeling colder than normal?

Today’s blog post is about how to prep for winter before it’s really here! The first thing that I like to do is to put away all of those lighter pants, shirts, etc. that I know that I won’t be wearing until at least April. My closet is big enough to keep most of my clothes in it year-round, but I still like to pull out the really light fabrics and put them in a storage bin under my bed. I know that some people are opposed to storing anything under their beds, but since that’s the only thing that I have under my bed, I give myself a pass on that one! The bin I use is low and has an easy-to-open lid, and it also has wheels! So it’s easy to roll out from under my bed. I put away my linen pants, light shirts, capris, and shorts.

Then I pull out the wool pants, heavy sweaters, hats, gloves, mittens, and winter coats. I put these items in my closet. I put the winter coats in my coat closet. If your coat closet needs some decluttering, tackle that first! Maybe you’re storing your vacuum in there or a bunch of random items that you just toss in there when you’re doing a quick clean? I have seen my fair share of coat closets doing double duty as junk closets.

Coat closets should store those items that you need when you’re rushing out the door: coats, hats, mittens, gloves, boots, and any other outer-gear clothing that you use daily. Do you need to get some bins to keep on the shelf above your coat rack? You can buy transparent ones and keep mittens, hats, and gloves in them. Or maybe you don’t want to see everything in the bins. Bins with handles are, well, handy! Measure your shelf first so that you buy bins that fit the shelf nicely. 

The next thing to do is to try on your winter clothing. Sometimes clothing seems to just shrink from season to season. Does anyone else find this to be true? I just don’t know how this happens! So be sure to try on that winter dress or blazer. Does it still look good? OK, then it’s a keeper!

This is also a good time to do a deep closet cleaning; maybe you can take everything out and vacuum it or dust it. Start fresh! You might take some of your clothes to the dry cleaner to clean them before packing them away.

Lastly, if anything doesn’t fit or if you’re just ready for some new things, be sure to look into your local donation sites. Will they take coats, hats, gloves, and other items? Will you be donating some of your lighter clothing now that the summer is over? It might be a good time to go through all of your hats and scarves to see if you really need all of them. OK, now you’re ready to heat up some apple cider, grab a book, relax on your couch with a blanket, light a candle, and get all cozy for the winter! Enjoy!

Cheryl Russo

October 2018

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