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Top Three Takeaways from My Clients

My clients have given me great feedback over the years, and this month’s blog post captures the top three takeaways from them.

The first takeaway is: don’t wait until you’re ready to sell your house to declutter! This is great advice! Many clients are stressed when they call me because they have a very long to-do list to prep for their home sale. So if decluttering is yet another task to squeeze in before the cleaner, painter, carpenter, stager and the photographer come by, then that could be stressful. Do the decluttering now! Don’t wait!

The second takeaway is: you’ll sleep better at night if your house is decluttered. And you’ll literally sleep safer too! Why? Because if your bedroom floor no longer has clutter on it, then when you wake up in the middle of the night to get a snack or go to the bathroom, you won’t trip over anything!

The third and final takeaway is: working with a professional organizer is easier than you think! My clients often tell me that in the days leading up to the first organizing visit, they had felt stressed, but after the first hour of the first session, they say, “This is so much easier than I thought it would be!” I’ve also been told that it is “transformational” and “life-changing.” One client recently said that he thought it would be stressful and difficult but that it was very easy! And he said that he really enjoyed getting rid of things.

That’s it! My three takeaways from clients! So keep these in mind as you tackle your own clutter! Good luck!

Cheryl Russo

May 2019

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