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I’m a minimalist. Many of you by now probably know what this means, but there might still be a few of you out there wondering just what that word is all about.

In this blog post, I’m going to give a few descriptions of minimalism. When I say this word, I’m talking about a lifestyle, not a type of art. Also, I’ve written about minimalism before, but it has been a while, so I thought I’d write some new stuff for 2019.

Minimalism conjures up a bunch of words, phrases, and images: less is more, only the basics, living with less, not buying, clarity, simplifying life, experiences over things, only the important things, etc. Sometimes if you search for minimalist homes online, you’ll see a lot of stark white homes with one succulent on a table and two millennials sitting at that table with their slim laptops out. But of course this image is not exactly what minimalism is! Sure, it CAN be that, but that’s not all it is. Its main idea is to live with only what you absolutely need so that you can focus on your passions in life. It’s often about experiences or making memories vs. buying things. You get rid of any excesses that might cloud your vision or distract you from your goals. You live deliberately without being weighed down by stuff.

I’ve often lived in small apartments with just the basics for furniture. Here are some pictures of my homes over the years. I think this shows how one can live happily but with only the necessary items.

My apartment in the North End in Boston. It was 425 square feet!
Notice that it’s pretty much the same furniture as my last apartment, but this one is a tiny bit bigger. But it’s still minimal.
Minimalist bedroom…only the necessities! Plenty of light too! I also have a small dresser and a low bookshelf (not pictured).
This is an area right near my apartment door. It holds coats, jackets, bags, scarves, etc. My small table holds keys and mittens and more! (Photo was taken in the spring when I still needed mittens…)

Minimalism might not be for everyone, and I’m not pushing it on you today. I like it because it keeps me focused on what matters in my life: good people, continuous learning and growth, and adventure! There are some good websites out there if you want more info on it. Here are some of my faves:,,,, and

Good luck with your own minimalist journey!

Cheryl Russo

June 2019

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